Roomba With App

How Does Roomba Work With App

Roomba with app can do wonders – in short! iRobot app helps users to configure their device and manage its settings through the app on their mobile. The iRobot Home app is freely available on the App Store and Play Store. Users can download this app to their mobiles or tablets without any hassle.  Roomba …

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Roombas worth it

Are Roombas worth it?

iRobot is among the pioneers to introduce automatic vacuum cleaning robots in the market. And, with an entire range of Roomba robots now available, it now seems valid to ask if they are worth it. While people who love the brand form a positive opinion about Roomba, there is a whole section of customers who …

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Roomba i7

iRobot Roomba i7 Setup Guide

The Roomba i7 is among the most sought-after cleaning robot from iRobot. If you have purchased a new one for your home, learning about the setup process will go a long way in ensuring proper cleaning. In case you are looking for help setting up your iRobot Roomba i7 robot, this blog is something you …

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