Roomba Charging Error 5

Steps To Fix Roomba Charging Error 5 In Seconds

Roomba cleaning robot is the ultimate home automation tool you can have. The robot can be programmed to conduct cleaning sessions automatically using a dedicated app. Once you have configured it, you can sit back as the robot helps you get cleaning tasks done effortlessly. To top it all off, you don’t even need to charge it every now and then. The robot takes care of the charging chores as well. However, sometimes issues may arise, preventing the robot from performing to its full potential. And every time you face one, you’ll receive an error code. This blog contains information on one of these Error codes- Roomba Charging Error 5, what it means, and how you can resolve the same.

Roomba Charging Error 5

Roomba Error 5 may present itself among the wide range of Roomba robots and indicates that the charging system for the robot has malfunctioned. Now, there are different ways you can resolve the error. Different models of Roomba might require different steps for troubleshooting the charging error.

Fixing Roomba error 5 on the S series

As already stated, the charging error 5 on your Roomba robot indicates that the charging system is not working properly. Here are some steps you can follow to resolve the same:

  • Remove the battery on your Roomba robot and check if it is authentic. If you are using an aftermarket battery, it might sit incompatibly and you can face issues with the same. Try using the original battery supplied by iRobot recommended for your robot model.
  • If you are using an original battery already, check if there’s debris or dirt buildup on the charging contacts. Inspect the contacts on your Charging base as well. If you find the same accumulated on the contacts, turn off the base and wait for about 60 seconds. You can then use a clean and lightly dampened melamine foam or a soft microfiber cloth to remove it and clean the contacts.
  • Once you have cleaned the contacts, power on the charging base and keep the Roomba back on it to start charging again. You will now discover that the error has vanished and you can charge the roomba easily.

Fixing Roomba charging error 5 on E, I, and J series

To troubleshoot the Roomba Charging Error 5 on your e, i, and j series models, you can always follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

  • Remove the edge sweeping brush and the bottom cover to access the battery. Remove the panel and check if you are using an authentic battery. If you are using an aftermarket/counterfeit battery, you can face issues with charging it. Also, the battery backup will reduce significantly over time.
  • If the battery that you are using is original, check if there’s dirt or debris accumulated on the charging contacts of the robot and the Home Base. If so, power off the charging base and clean the contacts using a damp microfiber cloth.
  • Make sure not to use an excessively wet cloth as it may damage the internal electronic components and further aggravate the situation.

Once you have cleaned the charging contacts and pins, you can keep the robot back on the charging base. Align the contacts and then try charging it again.

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