Roombas worth it

Are Roombas worth it?

iRobot is among the pioneers to introduce automatic vacuum cleaning robots in the market. And, with an entire range of Roomba robots now available, it now seems valid to ask if they are worth it. While people who love the brand form a positive opinion about Roomba, there is a whole section of customers who don’t find the product up to the mark. This blog will try to answer the question, “Are Roombas worth it?” by reviewing the performance and other factors. You will find reasons why to choose Roomba and also, other reasons why not to.

Why Choose Roomba?

As worthless as they might seem, Roombas can actually work to clean your home. If you are questioning ‘Are Roombas worth it,’ here are some reasons why you would want to consider them for your home:


Vacuuming is a chore that can be done at any time. Vacuuming is a tedious, monotonous task that takes too much time. There are better things you can do with your time. Maybe you don’t have the time or motivation to do this. A freshly vacuumed floor is more comfortable for your feet. Regular vacuuming removes dust and allergens making your home healthier and more pleasant to the nose.

Cleaning on Schedules

We’ve all forgotten one chore in our lives, and have chosen to procrastinate over cleaning or vacuuming. Roomba isn’t like us. It doesn’t forget and it doesn’t procrastinate. Each Roomba model can schedule one to three cleanings each day. Even unique schedules can be created for each day of the week.

Robot vacuums can work with or without you so you can take a well-deserved nap. You can have your Roomba running while on vacation so you return to a clean, dust-free home.

Clean and Tidy Home, Always

A mess is never a good idea, and they often appear in the worst of times. Roomba is a great assistant if you have too many things to do or don’t have enough time. Roomba’s latest generation is hands-free. To get them started, you don’t even have to access the app. You can instead use Roomba’s voice commands via Alexa and Google Home. This is a very convenient way to use Roomba voice commands.

Cleaning Every Nook and Corner

What was the last time that you vacuumed under your sofa? How about your bed? These places are just as dusty as any other. Roomba can reach all areas that we miss when cleaning. Think about all the dirt that is hidden in your home and ask me if you want a Roomba.

So, are Roombas worth it? Well, all these reasons make it sound like it’s definitely worth having Roomba for your home. But wait till you read how owning one can be difficult.

Why not to choose Roomba?


Roomba’s original vacuum cleaning robot was $200. Now you can get a lower-end model (like Roomba 614) for less than that. However, most people don’t need the base model.

iRobot has packed its most advanced Roombas full of useful features. The more advanced Roombas are equipped with more powerful suction and dirt bins that can be emptied automatically. You can also map your home to make cleaning faster and more thorough. However, each of these features comes at a cost. Roombas with the highest end cost around $1000. You can also add $200 to the price if you need a robot vacuum or mop.

Carpet Cleaning is a difficult task

Robovacs excel at cleaning hard floors. However, you shouldn’t expect it to vacuum your carpets and rugs very well. It will do a great job of sucking up dirt and debris from the carpet’s surface. The higher the pile and the longer the fibers are, the more dirt and debris get stuck to the base. Robovacs are limited in their suction power and bristle length, so they can only clean superficially. Learn if Roombas can clean your carpet, here. This can again make you question ‘Are Roombas worth it’?

Roombas get stuck

Robot vacuums can get stuck despite being designed to avoid furniture or walls. Sometimes they can get stuck in frustrating places that make it even harder to free them. They will manage to maneuver between the chair legs, but then realize that those chair legs are their prison bars. If you leave your Roomba alone for too long, you will find that they have spent more time in jail than cleaning your floors.

Time-consuming Cleaning

You can vacuum a space manually much faster than a robot vacuum. Because a robot vacuum must run its algorithms to determine where it should go and how to get there, and this doesn’t include the time lost when it gets stuck. Additionally, the battery drain is faster if you spend too much time trying to find where to go.

The final word

The pros and cons discussed in this blog will help you formulate your answer to the question “Are Roomba worth it?” If you are still skeptical about whether or not to buy Roomba for your home, you can connect with us for a consultation.

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