Roomba blue light

Roomba blue light: How to troubleshoot the issue?

Roomba robots are increasingly being used in homes and commercial spaces. They have made our lives significantly easier using their cleaning abilities. However, being electronic, they are prone to issues related to power and more. Among the major issues that users face while accessing their roomba is the Roomba blue light. 

If you are seeing the blue light on Roomba i3, you’re among thousands of others who have been looking for information on how to resolve the same problem. This blog will explore ways you can troubleshoot Roomba blue light issues in easy steps.

What causes the Roomba blue light error?

There can be several reasons why the blue light error can occur. Though generally, the roomba blue light circling issues means that the Roomba robot is busy connecting to the WiFi network. You can see this light for several reasons. These can be related to charging issues, inadequate WiFi signals, signal interference, and other issues.

WiFi Pairing

If you see the blue clockwise spinning of the light on your robot, it simply means the robot is trying to pair with the WiFi router. Allow some time for the pairing process to complete.

Improper WiFi Coverage

If the signal from the main WiFi router is not strong, Roomba will have difficulty setting up a connection. If the internet speeds are varying, there will again be issues with the Roomba robot and you will see the Roomba flashing blue. In such cases, you can connect with your ISP(Internet Service Provider) to get a resolution.

Wireless Interference

If there are too many obstacles between the router and the roomba robot, it will face issues operating normally. Material and objects like furniture, walls, glass windows and more act as signal deterrent and affect the propagation capacity of wireless signals. If you are operating your roomba in such conditions, you will face issues.

When does Roomba flash blue light?

The blue light on your ROomba can appear in different patterns during different conditions. These are:

Blue Light Flash Pattern


Possible Reasons

Rotating Clockwise

Rotating Clockwise

Your Roomba is trying to connect to the WiFi network

Anticlockwise Rotation

Anticlockwise Rotation

Roomba is working on Spot Cleaning tasks.

Roomba Flashing Blue

Roomba Flashing Blue

Dirt Detect feature is enabled

Blue light Marching Forward

Blue light Marching Forward

Roomba is returning to the Charging Dock

Sweeping Forward Motion

Sweeping Forward Motion

Dirt is being emptied

Blue Colored Ping

Blue Colored Ping

Roomba has detected a wall on its path

Roomba Flashing Blue While Charging

If you see your Roomba robot flashing blue light when charging, it means that the firmware update process is ongoing. Such updates may take place at regular intervals and help with improving device performance and more things. Whenever a firmware update is in progress, you will see the blue light. Once complete, the blue light will go off automatically.

What should you do if the Roomba blue light circling issue persists?

If you see blue light on roomba i3, or other models, it is a direct indicator of internet connectivity issues. Here are some steps you can follow to resolve the same:

  • Try moving your roomba closer to the WiFi router/extender. If there are coverage related issues, doing so can help resolve them easily. If it’s impossible to move your device, try using a range extender to improve WiFi coverage.
  • Reconnect your roomba to wifi router network. Go to the iRobot home app and locate your device under the Settings. You can disconnect the WiFi connection for your Roomba and wait for some time before enabling it back again.
  • Check if the WiFi password has been changed or other WiFi settings have been modified recently. If so, you will need to update the same and ensure the WiFi network connection is not interrupted.
  • Restart your Roomba robot to see if it helps resolve the issue. Restarting the robot can resolve a majority of issues and make it perform better always.

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