Roomba i2 Mapping

The Comprehensive Guide for Roomba i2 Mapping

The Roomba vacuum is one of the best robot vacuums known for its high-quality functioning. The usage of this vacuum is increasing regularly, as users find it very convenient. This vacuum is time-saving and efficient in cleaning the surface. There are various features this vacuum offers that enhance its performance. One of its features includes the Roomba i2 mapping, which is a user favorite.

In this feature, the vacuum creates an outline of the house and follows it to clean the house. This feature can be beneficial if used correctly. If you want to know how to use the Roomba i2 mapping feature, we’ve got you. We are here with this blog to help users make the most of their Roomba mapping feature.

If you were also curious that Roomba i2 has mapping, the answer is yes it does. So, to find out everything about the mapping feature, let’s proceed further.

How Does the Roomba i2 Mapping Work?

The Roomba is a high-tech smart device integrated with the latest technology. This vacuum has sensors, cameras, and other AI-equipped parts. Due to these features, the vacuum is able to sense and see its pathway. This enables him to form and remember the floor plan’s outline.

So, whenever the vacuum is cleaning or moving around, it can use the map. This helps the vacuum avoid any obstacles and provide the best experience. Thus, you must know the proper procedure to map the house with your vacuum. Further, we will go over the steps to enable Roomba mapping.

How to Map with Roomba i2 Mapping?

To map your house appropriately, there are some things you must know. You can map your house by enabling this feature from the iRobot app. In the mapping run, the vacuum doesn’t clean and just forms a map of the house. You can manually form a map as well. To create a map manually from the app, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, open the iRobot app on your smartphone and log into your account.
  • Now, from the home screen of the app, tap the Map button.
  • Hereon, the map screen will display on the screen and you can edit the maps.
  • You can create a new map from this page as well or edit the other maps.
  • Finally, when you are done creating a map, you can save the settings.

These are the steps to create a map manually. To send the vacuum on a mapping run, just send it on a run without cleaning.

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Tips to Map the House Accurately

To proceed with the Roomba i2 mapping, there are some things you must know. With these tips, you can map your house easily. These tips are as follows:

  • Send the vacuum on a mapping 3-4 times to get a complete map.
  • Tidy up the house before the run to ensure the formation of a proper map.
  • If you send it on a cleaning run straight, it will take more time to form a map.
  • Thus, you must send the vacuum on a run without cleaning it.

Bottom line

These are some things you need to keep in mind for the Roomba i2 mapping. We hope you understand how to map the Roomba vacuum correctly. If used accurately, you can make the most of this vacuum. You have also found out that Roomba i2 has mapping and the proper procedure. If you require assistance with anything, feel free to reach out to our team anytime for expert guidance.

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