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Does Roomba Work On Carpet? Things you need to know!

A majority of images you would have seen of Roomba in action have it zooming over hard flooring, clearing up dust or pet kibble. Whereas, images of roomba on carpets are difficult to find. And that generates a lot of questions in our minds, especially among first-time buyers. And, ‘Does roomba work on carpet?’ is one among them.

This blog will discuss if your roomba works on a carpet, how it works, and how you can get one to move on it easily.

Do Roombas work on carpet?

Fortunately, yes! Most roomba models are made to work on both carpet and hard flooring. But, there are some exceptions.

iRobot roomba can work on carpets that are low-profile and have low-pile height. Since most roomba models have automatically-adjusting cleaning heads, they can transition to the carpet more easily. Such robots can even adjust the suction between carpets and hard flooring for the best cleaning results.

If you have a vacuum robot without these features, it might still be able to handle carpets, but that’s not guaranteed. When selecting a vacuum robot for your home, look for an option that mentions it is made for carpets or has modes that support carpet cleaning.

Roomba robots are equipped with rubber edge brushes that work better on hard surfaces. But the rubber design can also help you pick up debris on carpets. Moreover, when combined with the suction power of the vacuum, your Roomba can effectively clean the carpet at your home.

Still, your iRobot Roomba cannot clean as a large-scale vacuum cleaner does. While the suction can be powerful for its size, your robot may not be able to reach deep down into the carpet. That’s why it is recommended to occasionally clean carpets with a large-scale vacuum cleaner.

How can Roomba access the carpet area?

If the carpet you have at home has a low profile, accessing its area won’t be a trouble for Roomba, since it can adjust automatically. It can simply hop onto the carpet and keep cleaning. The IR(infrared) sensors on the robot are smart enough to avoid obstacles that may be lying on the carpet.

In a majority of households around the US, the transition between the carpet and the floor remains minimal. However, if the nature of floor construction has led to a significant height difference, some Roomba models might struggle. Modern Roomba robots can access heights of up to 3 quarters of an inch. But if your carpet’s height exceeds this limit, you’ll need to consider some other option. Consulting an expert from our team can help you find an answer to Does Roomba work on carpet at your home?

Does roomba work on thick carpets?

The high-end models of your Roomba can effectively handle thick carpets, however, others may not be as good. When deciding to purchase a particular vacuum robot, look for those with powerful suction, dual turbines, and other features suitable for thicker carpets. If the carpet at your home has turned shaggy, it can be difficult for the vacuum to clean, so you’ll need to look for other cleaning options, maybe a good shake outside or large-scale traditional vacuum cleaners.

Still, wondering if Roomba works on carpet? Get advice from our experts now!

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