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Roomba Without WiFi | Does Roomba Need WiFi? Know Everything

Using Roomba without WiFi is something that most vacuum users want to do in order to check whether they can use Roomba without network. We all know the many benefits of having a Roomba vacuum in our homes, so we are not going to go up on that topic. The question of the day is – Does Roomba need WiFi to work or operate? 

Well, you should only expect some models of Robot vacuums to work with a WiFi network. Not all Roombas work without an active WiFi network. However, there are some models that have the ability to work without requiring a WiFi network. So here are some of the Roomba models that can do everything without a network;

  1. Roomba 615
  2. Roomba 980
  3. Roomba i7

Advantages & disadvantages of using Roomba without WiFi

There are numerous advantages as well as disadvantages of using Roomba without WiFi. So if you are wondering can you use Roomba without WiFi, then the answer is already shared above.  


  • Cheaper to buy as compared to WiFi models.
  • Pretty easier to control and operate with the help of buttons or remote control. 
  • Safety of personal data from getting compromised.
  • No special technical infrastructure is required.
  • Important components work better without WiFi.


  • An efficient cleaning process is not in place.
  • WiFi models come with high power requirements.
  • You can control your robot only from a close range.
  • Voice assistant features may not work.

Can we use Roomba without WiFi?

Using Roomba without WiFi is easy but most vacuums require a WiFi connection for proper yet optimal functionality. However, it may be the best solution to use a Robot vacuum without a WiFi network as too much electronic gadgetry can shift your focus from what’s more important. 

Without any doubt, robot vacuums can work without an active WiFi network, except for a few models. The models that work without a WiFi network are already mentioned above. 

How can Roomba clear without WiFi?

All Roomba robots depend on a map to navigate around your house. This map is saved on a cloud server owned by iRobot. However, an active internet or WiFi connection is required for your Roomba to connect to the server. The vacuum robots will still clean your rooms in case you don’t have a WiFi network or don’t want to use this feature. 

But we would like to let you know that there is a problem if you don’t want to use this feature. If you haven’t saved a map on your Roomba, it will run in a disorganized manner. Due to this, you might find the robot cleaning a specific area repeatedly, while leaving other areas unclean.

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Final thoughts

So this was all about the question – can you use Roomba without WiFi? We hope that this post helped you learn everything about it. If you still have any doubts or queries, you may get in touch with our support team for further assistance.

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