Roomba i1 Mapping

How to Use the Roomba i1 Mapping?

The iRobot Roomba i1 is one of the finest robot vacuums that is great for cleaning apartments and houses. You just need to set it up accurately, and then you can vacuum your home without lifting a finger. But how will the robot know where to go and where not to go? With Roomba i1 mapping, you don’t have to worry about anything. With the mapping features, the Roomba will know exactly where to go and where not to.

So, if you have been wondering is Roomba mapping worth it, it totally is. If you want to know how to proceed with the Roomba i1 mapping, don’t worry! Today, we’ll explain the procedure to execute the mapping.

Why is Roomba i1 Mapping Important?

If you have been wondering does Roomba i1 have mapping, it does but its automatic features are less advanced. It is very necessary for the robot vacuum to map the home, to improve the user as well as the cleaning experience. When the robot knows the floor plan thoroughly, it can vacuum the spots that are always left out. Such as the area in front of the trash can, or the thresholds.

The latest Roomba robot vacuums come with sensors that aid them clean around the house. It finds special areas around it and then memorizes them to maneuver itself effectively, keeping those areas in check. Further, we’ll discuss the steps to map the house from the app.

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Tips for the Roomba i1 Mapping

Fortunately, adding the map is very easy, you don’t have to do much. After buying the robot, it will memorize the layout of your home automatically. Although this may take some time, it depends entirely on the number of times you send the robot.

You can pace the process by sending the robot many times a day, scheduling the vacuum to clean every morning till it creates a map, and executing a special mapping run. The methods for the Roomba i1 mapping are as follows:

  • The Robot Mapping Run: The Roomba mapping run is like a rolling scan, in which the robot goes about the home and doesn’t turn on the vacuum. This scan helps the robot gather data about the house. Generally, in a few mapping runs, it will form an entire house map. The robot can also take more time, depending on the length and layout of your home.
  • Tidy Up your House: Before you send out your robot on a mapping run, it’s good to straighten out your surroundings. You just need to pick up anything that can entangle the robot, put away hurdles such as shoes, and ensure the robot can access all the plain surfaces. Not limited to this, open all the rooms and spaces, you want the Roomba to clean.
  • Configure the App Settings: Moreover, you can create zones where the robot can’t go through the app. You can generate zones that require cleaning more often and set schedules for the robot according to the rooms. The robot will then clean the rooms accordingly, you can set it to clean your bedroom one day every week, and some other room every other day.

Troubleshooting Roomba i1 Mapping Problems

While you are trying to conclude the mapping run on your Roomba i1 robot, you might also fall prey to issues related to the same.

Fortunately, you can always follow these troubleshooting tips to resolve the iRobot Roomba i1 mapping run-related issues:

Check the Mapping Sensors on your Roomba i1

In order to complete the mapping run, your Roomba i1 relies on multiple sensors present on the robot. These sensors help the robot create a map of your home and consist of Bump sensors, virtual wall sensors, optical sensors and more.

If any of these sensors get dirty or malfunction in any way, your Roomba will face issues with mapping. To resolve this you can try cleaning the sensors using a soft brush and mild soap solution. However, in case the sensor is damaged, you should get it replaced with the help of a service agent.

Update Roomba i1 Firmware

Device firmware consists of necessary software changes that are required for the smooth functioning of your Roomba robot. iRobot releases firmware updates regularly to help your device perform more effectively.

By updating the Roomba i1 firmware, you can ensure that the mapping issues are fixed and other issues are resolved as well.

Updating the firmware is easy as well. You can connect your Roomba to your wifi network and open the iRobot home app. In the admin section, select firmware and update the same. Allow some time for the updates to install and then start using the device.

Create A New Map For Roomba i1

Your Roomba i1 may face issues during the mapping process sometimes. This is when you will need to be cautious and follow some easy steps to resolve issues with the same. Here are some steps you can follow to create a new map:

  • Start a mapping run using your iRobot Home App from a different location.
  • This will help resolve issues with the mapping and cause your roomba to recapture the room’s area.

Connect with expert iRobot Customer Support

When you have tried and tested every method of troubleshooting issues with your iRobot Roomba i1 mapping, but still aren’t able to find a solution to the same, you can always connect with our expert team for advice.

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