Empty Roomba

How to clean Roomba?

The Roomba cleaning chore is not too difficult. It is recommended that you clean your Roomba at least once every two weeks. The method of cleaning may differ according to the model you’re using. You can also gain information on how to empty Roomba from dirt in this blog. If you’re interested in knowing more about how to clean Roomba, check out the details below.

How do I remove the dirt from Roomba Cliff sensors?

  • Regularly clean all cliff sensor openings using transparent melamine foam, for example, the Magic eraser.
  • Although the robot you have is different, the process for cliff sensors will be the same for all the Roomba series.
  • The method to use cliff sensors is similar to the Roomba 600 and 500 series and the wifi-connected Roomba 800 series.

How to clean the side brushes of Roomba?

Use the following steps to cleanse the side brushes for Roomba frequently.

  • Remove the side brush using an ordinary screwdriver or a coin. Specific models might not come with a captive side brush. If the screw isn’t there, you should contact iRobot Customer Support.
  • Take the brush off now.
  • Clean up any debris on the side brush and post to the module on either side.
  • Lastly, install the side brush again.

How to clean Roomba or Homebase charging contacts?

Follow the procedure below to wash the charging contacts and the docking sensor’s window.

  • Firstly, unplug the base, and wait for 60 minutes. Use a clean, lightly dampened foam made of melamine, like a Magic eraser, to clean any debris accumulated on the charging contacts. Contacts should be shiny and visible.
  • Clean the docking sensor’s window of your Home Base with a clean foam made of melamine, like a Magic eraser.

How to clean Roomba’s rear wheel?

If the wheel on the front of the Caster doesn’t move, is getting loud, or has fallen out, follow the given method to ensure that Roomba is functioning at its best. It is suggested to ensure that your front wheel is regularly cleaned. To buy a caster wheel for front use, go to the iRobot store. The series of the robot may differ. The front-wheel care procedure is identical for Roomba 500-900 series.

  • Firstly hold the front wheel caster wheel to lift it from the robot.
  • The wheel can be turned by hand. If the wheel is not spinning, take the wheel out of its housing and clean obstructions from the cavity.
  • Make sure you push hard to remove the axle, then remove it entirely from the wheels.
  • And remove any hair or debris that has been tangled on the wheel.
  • Then cleanse the wheel.
  • Reinstall the axle, making sure it snaps both ends into place.
  • Lastly, install the wheel back into the housing. If the wheel is falling from the housing, you should call iRobot customer Care.

For faster service, you must have the following items ready:

  • Your robot is charged.
  • The serial number of your robot.
  • To claim warranty coverage: Documentation of purchase

Install the front wheel inside the robot.

Cleaning Roomba E Series, i Series, and j Series Bin and Filter

  • Firstly click the bin release tab on the reverse of the robot to take out the bin. Its release button is marked with an icon of a bin on it.
  • Lift the door of the bin to empty the bin. The button for releasing the bin door includes a bin symbol.
  • Use the side filter to take this filter off the side on the right side.
  • Then clean the debris off by pressing the filter against the trash can. After that, you can replace the filter. Filters are not intended to be cleaned or be in contact with liquids.
  • Clean up any debris that has accumulated with warm water. Then allow your bin to completely dry. Be sure that the bin is dry. This bin was designed so that it can be washed using only hands. The bin isn’t dishwasher-safe and should be cleaned by rinsing it with warm water.
  • Return the filter to the bin.
  • Insert the bin into the slot of the bin, locking it in place.

How to clean Roomba 700 and 600 series brushes?

  • The brush guard can be removed by lifting both tabs yellow.
  • Then clean and remove the yellow cap and clean hair and other debris from the steel shafts of the brush caps.
  • Lastly, install the bearings for the brush and brushes, then close the guard for the brush.

How to empty Roomba from dirt?

  • Firstly press the bin release tab to remove the bin.
  • Then open the bin’s door to empty the bin.
  • Remove the filter by pulling it.
  • Shake the debris away by tapping the filter against the garbage container.
  • Install the filter.

Removing Roomba e series and i series front wheel of the Caster

  • Firstly, make sure you pull The Front Caster wheel until you take it from the robot.
  • Clear debris from the well on the side of the Caster Wheel.
  • Then clean any debris that builds over the side wheel and the axle. The axle cannot be removed from the wheel.
  • Place the new, clean Front Caster Wheel back into the robot and snap it back into the correct position. When the wheel starts falling off the housing, it could require a replacement wheel module.

How do I clean the filter?

  • Firstly, release the lid by pressing the B. release, then lift the bin.
  • The bin release comes with the bin icon that appears just above the release.
  • Then remove the filter from the door. Eliminate the filter using gripping the tab. A little force might be needed to open the door of the filter. The high-efficiency filter can trap the majority of dog and cat dust allergens.
  • Shake off any debris by pressing the filter against your garbage container. Filters aren’t intended to be cleaned or be in contact with liquids.
  • Replace the filter and then close the door to the filter. The door for the filter will not close if a filter is not inserted correctly.
  • Lastly, install the bin into the robot.


We’ve discussed how to empty Roomba with other cleaning procedures in the above blog. If you need more help with iRobot Roomba troubleshooting steps, you can go through the blog section. Furthermore, you can always connect with the team of experts at our end.