Roomba Won’t Charge

How to Fix ‘Roomba Won’t Charge’ Error?

iRobot Roomba is the ultimate home cleaning solution you can ever own. Regular automated cleaning sessions can help you keep your house in the best state. However, if the Roomba won’t charge, these cleaning sessions can be a distant dream. This calls for the need of having a troubleshooting guide at hand that can help you solve related issues.

Roomba not charging error can occur due to a variety of reasons. From faulty power cables to docking issues, to clogged-up charging contacts, and more, reasons for Roomba charging issues can be varied. And, there arises a strong need to resolve them ASAP. So, if you are facing the same issue with your Roomba robot, learning about the ways you can eliminate it will help ensure effortless cleaning.

This blog will walk you through the steps to troubleshoot Roomba not charging error in no time. Consequentially, you will be able to find solutions in case your Roomba won’t charge in the future.

Reasons why Roomba Won’t Charge

Automatic vacuum cleaners like iRobot Roomba are like your mechanical pets that need grooming(maintenance) as well. So, while you have one at home, make sure you pay proper attention and care to them. Here, are some reasons that can affect their performance and self-charging ability:

Dirty Charging Ports

Dirty charging ports are among the most probable reasons for roomba not charging error. If there is dirt accumulated on the charging port of your Roomba or the charging pins on the Home base, it is likely that your roomba won’t charge. Just like everything other thing needs to be tidied up, so do these petty parts.

Is your Roomba even charged?

Always ensure the fact that your Roomba is charged and the battery levels are sufficient for at least two cleaning cycles to take place. Though Roomba charges itself on its own, issues with the power connection can trigger inadvertent issues. Therefore, always ensure that the power connections you have made are reliable and the power equipment like the power outlet and the cables are in good condition. You can also check if the Roomba is docking correctly whenever it returns to the home base. if it doesn’t the charging points won’t make contact and there may be issues with charging. So giving attention to such things can also help ensure that your Roomba is charging.

Old Batteries

Batteries like no other, also need your attention after a considerable span of time. If you have an old Roomba model that has been running for quite some time, changing the battery is always advised. Since most Roomba models run on Li-ion batteries, they need replacement after about 2 years. Also, ensure that you are using the original batteries supplied by iRobot. Using aftermarket batteries will after some time cause issues and your roomba won’t charge.

How to troubleshoot Roomba Not Charging Error?

Troubleshooting Roomba charging issues is easy. However, there are a couple of things you’ll need to ensure and follow strictly:

Keep your Roomba Clean

Always keep your iRobot Roomba clean. Most importantly, keep the power ports and charging contacts on the robot and the charging base clean. If they are dirty – get yourself rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth. Now, clean those power ports and charging contacts and ensure they are dry before you resume robot operations. Doing so will help you avoid roomba won’t charge errors.

Empty Debris Timely

Yes, you have to clean the debris of the Roomba on a regular basis. Your debris has the capacity to store dirt from two to three cleaning cycles at max. You can enable auto-cleaning for some roomba models, however, others without this feature will need manual cleaning of trash. Learn how to empty roomba easily here.

Change Batteries Timely

You have to change the batteries of Roomba timely. Here the word timely indicates a period of two and a half years because that’s the timespan of the Roomba batteries. Also, ensure that you only purchase certified batteries from iRobot and not just any aftermarket battery as they may sit incompatible and damage parts easily.

Get Proper Batteries

Your Roomba vacuum needs lithium-ion batteries and none other. So, ensure that have a proper set of batteries. If you do not have a proper set of batteries, the Roomba won’t charge error may again appear.

Ensure Proper Power Supply

Roomba vacuum cleaners need a constant power supply to charge. If there are issues with the same, roomba won’t charge again. See if the charging station is powered using reliable power cables and if the power outlet is in good condition. If there are voltage fluctuations, you will need to use a stabilizer and then connect the charging station to it. Once the power supply is regulated and the charging base is powered on, you can press the DOCK button on your roomba robot to begin charging it.

Reset Roomba

If you have followed every troubleshooting step in this troubleshooting guide and your roomba still won’t charge, you can reset it to factory settings. Doing so will restore the robot settings to factory state and also eliminate issues that might exist. Learn easy steps on how to reset roomba here.

The final word

Using batteries of correct configuration and standards can help you avoid charging-related issues in your Roomba. And, following the troubleshooting steps in this guide, can help you overcome issues with the ‘Roomba won’t charge’ error easily. If you continue to face similar issues, you can always get in touch with the team at our end for help.