roomba s9+ robot vacuum

Troubleshooting Key Issues With Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum Setup

The Roomba s9+ is probably the most advanced among other models in its range. With sophisticated vacuum and auto-clean technology, the robot is the most advanced version of the cleaner robots ever made. If you have this machine at your home, being prepared on how to tackle issues related to the irobot Roomba s9+ robot vacuum setup and more will help you overcome complications effectively. This blog will walk you through some easy steps you can follow to troubleshoot issues related to the Roomba wifi setup and more.

irobot not connecting to wifi- what it means?

In order to keep your Roomba robot functional, it is important that you connect it to the wifi network at your home. If it is unable to maintain a connection, you’ll face issues with running it. The error Roomba won’t connect to wifi can also mean that the wireless connection is either slow or is facing a downtime. Therefore, identifying the true reason becomes important when you are looking to troubleshoot any issue.

What can be done?

Whenever you face issues with Roomba not connecting to wifi, there are always some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Firstly, check the status of the WiFi network at your end.
  • Check if the docking station is running and showing some operational signs.
  • Then, move the dock station closer to the wireless router.
  • Then, Reboot and Reset roomba.

Inspecting the WiFi network status

Use a smartphone/ laptop/ or wireless device and head to a location near the docking station. Now, try surfing the web at this location using the same network that your Roomba s9+ is connected to. If the internet is working fine on the device, you’ll need to restart the Roomba robot once and see if that helps resolve the issue. If the internet doesn’t work on the device, shut down your router/ modem or extender. Check for the wired cable connections that form a network between these devices. Now, restart your devices and see if the internet is working. Try connecting to the network again.

Inspect your roomba and docking station

The at-rest position of your Roomba S9+ robot vacuum should accommodate the robot well above the charging pins. If it is misplaced, the docking station won’t detect the robot and may cause a false alarm or error. Therefore, the next time you face issues with Roomba not charging, Roomba wifi not working or you can’t connect my Roomba to wifi, check if it’s actually powered on first.

Check the status of different LED lights on the robot. If the LEDs show their status and the robot is still not working, it is possible that the robot has entered sleep mode. You can use the Clean button to wake up the same and initiate the connection request.

Move the router closer to the dock station

If your wireless router is located in a different room than your Roomba robot, frequent disconnections might take place. The signal strength may not be as strong as required which might cause issues with the operations. Check if there is any obstruction in between the router and the docking station. Remove any electrical appliances like refrigerator and microwave, smart TVs, radio, telephone, etc. that might cause interference with the signal quality. You can also try moving your router and the docking station closer to each other. Even better, you can get a range extender to make sure the remote corners of your home are covered.

Reboot and Reset Roomba

While following the steps as discussed above can help troubleshoot a majority of internet connectivity issues, you can always reset your Roomba robot. Resetting your Roomba s9+ iRobot vacuum will erase all the network settings and set the robot back to the state it was out-of-the-box. If you need help with how to reset Roomba, here are some steps you can follow:

  • Then, press the Dock, Spot Clean and Clean buttons at the same time until the light ring on the top starts to glow white.
  • In some models, you will hear a reboot tone, or reset tone indicating that the reset process has been initiated.
  • Release the buttons now and allow the router to reboot. Once the router is up and running, you can follow the general setup steps to reconfigure your Roomba robot.

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