A Brief Guide on the iRobot Troubleshooting Tips

No matter how well a machine is built and maintained, it is destined to cause trouble in some way or the other. The Roomba is no exception here. Your miraculous iRobot can cause you issues if it is not cleaned frequently or not kept well. Of course, you don’t require any special tools or prior technical knowledge to get away with the iRobot issues, all you need is an easy Troubleshooting iRobot Roomba guide. The information given in this blog will help you to resolve most of the Roomba-related issues using an easy approach. So, what are you waiting for? Read the tips mentioned below and get your Roomba running again.

Why is my Roomba Brush not spinning?

If you are struggling with the error of Roomba Brush not spinning, follow the below-given guideline to fix the issue:

  • You can unscrew the side brush and take off the accumulated dust and debris which is stuck underneath.
  • Maybe the side brush motor is too old to work normally. You can replace it in that case.
  • You can check the device’s status regarding the rubbish and debris. As the debris stuck in the hardware might lead to these issues.
  • Clean the side brush frequently.
  • Replace the side brush in case you notice any damage to it.
  • Also, the robot’s cleaner or brush might become inactive due to insufficient battery. So, make sure that you charge it properly.

Why am I facing Error 26?

Error 26 means that your Roomba vacuum is experiencing insufficient airflow. Follow the steps given below to resolve the error:

  • Firstly, you can try to reboot Roomba. To do so, press the CLEAN button on the robot. Hold it for 20 seconds. The light ring will swirl around in a clockwise direction once you release the button. This process might take up to a minute and a half for the robot to turn on.
  • Next,  you can clean the bin filter. You can also replace it and then try to run the robot again.
  • If still the error persists, you will have to replace the leaning Head Module.

iRobot troubleshooting tips on how to clean a Roomba

You must clean your Roomba regularly to avoid any damage or unwanted assemblage that harms the device in the long run. Follow the tips mentioned below to clean the Roomba:

  • Start with emptying Roomba. Press the button on the top of the tray present on the backside of the Roomba to take it out. This tray fills with dirt and dust as it vacuums. You can dump the dust from this tray into the dustbin.
  • You can vacuum the filter and the tray using a regular vacuum. For this, attach the fracture tool to the hose of a vacuum cleaner and turn on the vacuum and use the attachment to remove the dirt from the Roomba collection tray and filter.
  • The Roomba wheels need cleaning too as the brushes aren’t the only thing that gets hairy. You must clean the Roomba’s wheels once every couple of weeks.
  • Also, clean the Roomba’s cliff sensors and charging contacts if your Roomba stops and starts haphazardly on the floor.

Why is my Roomba not Charging?

In case you encounter this error of Roomba not charging, try the following troubleshooting tips to fix the issue:

  • Clean the charging ports using a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove dust or any other unwanted accumulation.
  • You can also try to reinstall the battery or even replace it if the issue lies with the battery.
  • Try to clean the electrical contact points of gunk and dust using a soft dry cloth.

How to reset the Roomba?

There might be several reasons behind the decision to reset Roomba. Some of the causes could be as follows:

  • When you notice that the performance of Roomba has depleted with time.
  • It doesn’t charge properly even after applying the troubleshooting tips and replacing the battery.
  • It does not work smoothly on the floor.
  • The brushes are not working properly even after cleaning.
  • Lastly, when you are planning to sell the Roomba.

Resetting  Roomba to the default factory settings

  • Press the clean button. Keep holding it for 10 seconds until the robot plays a tone. Tap the button again for confirmation. This method is performed for the j Series.
  • For the s Series and i Series Robots, you can press the Home and Spot Clean and Clean buttons simultaneously. Wait until the white Light ring swirls around the CLEAN button.


Troubleshooting iRobot Roomba can solve your various issues and concerns in no time. But, the question is what if Roomba still fails to please you with its working after applying all the above tips. Well, in that case, there is no other resort but to contact our technical team of experts and get their guidance to resolve Roomba-related issues.