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Roomba Won’t Connect To WiFi

One of the things that makes the Roomba to stand out is its ability to connect to the Wifi. Indeed it has a feature that makes this robotic vacuum cleaner easy to use and time saving. There are some versions of the Roomba that work well with the Google Assistant or Alexa. So if you begin to face connection issues and your Roomba won’t connect to wifi , then you may have to check out this article. In this article, you will come across the different factors that make up these connectivity issues. And alongside those factors are possible solutions that can be applied to fix them. 

Why You Can’t Connect Roomba To Wifi 

When dealing with an issue such as this one, the first thing you have to check is the source of the problem. It is not possible to solve an issue without knowing the source of the issue. Hence, you are to confirm what the source is. So what are the possible reasons why Roomba won’t connect to wifi? 

Inactive Wifi

If the home wifi itself is not working, then there would obviously be an issue with the connection. The Home wifi might be disconnected or experiencing some network frequency issue. A way to know if the home Wifi is working is simple. Take up a smartphone or a computer and move closer to the home wifi. Try connecting your device to the network and load the browser. If your browser works then it means the network is working fine. Now try to connect your Roomba to your home network. Once it is connected, you can try using the Roomba to see if it works. 

Far Dock Station

Note that while you are setting up your Roomba for the first time, you will have to connect your Roomba to the wifi. After connection, you will have to find a spot to position your Roomba with its Dock Station. This has to be close to a power outlet for easy charging. Now if you have placed the dock station very far away from the home router, you might experience a connection problem. Hence you have to check where you have positioned the dock station. If it is far from the Wifi router, try to move it closer to it. Then you can check the connection. 

Confirm that the Roomba is on

Another thing that can cause Roomba not connecting to wifi, is if the Roomba is powered off. You have to ensure that your Roomba device is turned on for it to function. If your Roomba is off, it may be as a result of low battery. Hence, it has to be recharged. To also check that it is powered on, you have to note the light on the Roomba if  it is on or not. If it is off, press the “Clean” button to ensure that it is on. Once it is on, try to connect it to the Wifi. 

Too many devices on your home Wifi network or outdated router

If there are various wireless devices connected to your Wifi network, you may experience some decline in the speed of the network. So try to disconnect some of the wireless devices that are connected to your home network. This will reduce the load that is on your home wifi network. Once again, after disconnecting, you can go ahead to connect your Roomba vacuum cleaner to see if it is connected to the network. Furthermore, you might have to disconnect devices manually from your Wifi network. Also, for you to confirm the status of the router, you should confirm that your router is not outdated. If you have the old wired routers, it is feasible that you should get the recent AC wireless routers. They are faster and can hold multiple devices at once. 

Try a Factory Reset For Roomba Won’t Connect To Wifi

There are times that you try all the troubleshooting ideas available and you cannot seem to reach a solution. Well, you can always try the reset option. But before you try to reset your Roomba, you have to be sure that you have tried other troubleshooting tips available. Because all you need to get your Roomba to work again is to use simple troubleshooting tips. Also you should note down any vital information that you would like to retain before you begin the reset program. For instance, you can note down your iRobot Roomba Login details. If you are still interested in using the same details even after setup, you can always use them again. 

In Conclusion

If you can’t connect Roomba to wifi and you need a quick solution, do not hesitate to utilize these tips in this post. Because that will help you to get your Roomba running fine again.